Google360° FAQ's

With the world's top advertisers Google & Facebook leading the 360° revolution, it WILL become a commonplace way to advertise.

Street View Trusted is helping consumers find and connect quickly to the businesses they're looking for. This technology will continue to become major search selection and decision making factor in the coming years.

Don’t wait.  Stay ahead of the curve.  This sort of engagement is one of the best ways for new customers to establish instant trust and credibility.

We will meet with you and gather information about some of the key highlights that you want to include in your listing, as well as some of the key physical features that make it stand out. This adds a whole dynamic element that people yearn for, and not only is it amazing for marketing; it is also a great keepsake and documentary experience for your business.

Once we’ve gone through the preliminaries it is time to start snap-shooting! Our services in this area consist of taking hundreds perhaps thousands (depending on the size of location) of photos using specialized professional photography equipment; it typically takes 1-2 hours.

Next, we use photo editing tools and specialized Google stitching and tour development software to create, moderate and publish the See Inside tour to Google My Business, Maps and Street View. This part takes another 2-3 hours on average.

Yes really!  You pay once and enjoy it forever!  You may of course opt to retain us to make regular updates if your business or inventory changes frequently.

Any business that qualifies for a Google My Business Accountcan sign-up for Google 360°.

Getting a 360 Google Tour is also great for companies who want to create documentation for their business.

Having this capability offers a historical reference, and adds a component to your business profile that can be used in presentations, training, reporting or investor relations materials.


Facebook 360° FAQ's

Facebook360° images are scaled to Facebook images specifications for 360° panorama image viewing. The Facebook technology instantly recognizes the image as 360° and displays it as such with a Facebook360° icon loader. You do not need to do anything special when you upload your Facebook 360° image(s). Upload them just as you would any other image.

As a valued GWA customer, you own 100% of the rights to your Facebook360° images. You can use them as often as you would like.

Because we use specifics directly from Facebook, it is highly unlikely that the images will not upload in the 360° Facebook viewer. It does happen, that if the image is resized, even slightly, that the API can not read the parameters and the image will not display correctly.

Regardless, if there's a problem, call us - we're always happy to figure out the problem and resolve it!


YouTube360° FAQ's

We take your previously produced Google360° imagery, set it to any music you like (as long as there are no copyright issues) and shift through the specified different number of Panos in interactive 360° video format. With a  time delay set in place, users are able to navigate through the tour with their finger or their phone’s accelerometer, just like on Google. In other words, users get to experience the 360 virtual tour set to live music.

We can purchase any music on your behalf at the cost of the track. Aside from that, due to copyright laws, any copyright music can be used. Simply send it to our 360°s pros for implementation.

YouTube360°'s embed functions work like any other youtube video.  Simply follow the YouTube embed/share instructions below to find the code to embed/share it.


Some website builders ask for the share code to implement them into websites. We find this share code works best.


Navi360° FAQ's

The base for all our Navi360°s is the Google360° tour. You can choose all or a few from within the tour to showcase in your Navi360°.

Currently, our base Navi360° allows for as many menu items as there are pano points within your tour. You can label them as you wish, but the base pano images must be those from the Google360° tour.

We do offer privately hosted options for menu overlays, even offering hot spot items that open to e-commerce settings within websites, galleries, etc. - this is our Web360° product line and requires a consultation with one of our 360°Pros.

Navi360° is a simple embed function to use in any HTML function. Just as you would embed a Google360° our YouTube360°, the Navi360° embeds are mobile friendly and offer 360° panoramic viewing within the iframe embed box.

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